About Limestone Organic Creamery

people on farm

We have been milking cows all our lives; Francis coming from his family farm in Harrowsmith where he and his parents Gertrude and Case and TEN brothers and sisters have some of the most beautiful land and productive herds in the area.  Kathie, her parents Gerry and Lilianne, and one brother and sister farmed where we are now in Elginburg.  Gerry and Lilianne grew up in downtown Montreal.  Gerry had always had a strong desire to farm.  While working for Bell he took some courses at MacDonald College and then the city slickers moved to Kingston in 1967, bought a herd of jerseys, and began farming!


In 1989 we took over and transitioned to a certified organic farm in 1998.  We were worried about chemicals running off into the water table and antibiotic resistance.  We just didn't want to support the big chemical companies who are monopolizing the world's seed supply, pushing genetically modified crops before enough research has been done, sueing farmers when their GM seed and pollen blows into the wrong field, and selling the world's peasant farmers terminator seed so they can't reuse their own; something they have done for thousands of years!  We are very happy we made the choice to certify our farm organic.  It has been a meaningful and rewarding journey.


We also have the rare, but welcomed challenge of having 2 kids who both want to farm. 


We think that processing our own milk and opening a farm store will benefit our kids, other local farmers and our community. 


Our milk is processed and sold directly to our customers. As a result we can keep the prices down and make organic dairy products more accessible for everyone.   Our community will have back a small dairy processor creating jobs and helping the local economy.
On an organic farm our animals must go outside to exercise and socialize everyday weather permitting.  We compost their manure and work it into the soil immediately after application which minimizes smell and pathogens.  We use homeopathy to treat our animals for illness, although it is seldom necessary.  We think this is because they are eating healthier organic plants and are in an environment that is free from stress as much as possible.  As a result, they produce healthier milk.


We are very careful when we take our beef and chicken to the abbatoir.  We make sure it is done as humanely as possible.  We take this very seriously and we are thankful for the food.