Who We Are

Limestone Creamery is a 3rd generation organic dairy farm. Our farm was established over 50 years ago in 1967 by Lilianne and Gerry Grooms. Together their children and grandchildren Francis, Kathie, Patrick, and Olivia Groenewegen now have the honor and responsibility to care for this land and these animals.

How We Farm

30 years ago we transitioned to organic agriculture. We are working to create a healthy soil that is not only sustainable but regenerative. A soil to support healthy diverse grass pastures for our cows to graze. We encourage biodiversity in our fields and hedgerows and we can see how it attracts pollinators. We are building a better farm ecosystem to address the climate crisis.
Our milk is grass fed and soy-free.


What is Organic Agriculture?


Our Creamery,
Our Community

12 years ago we built a dairy plant. We began processing our own milk. Community support has been wonderful! Through that support we’ve been able to involve 40 fellow farmers and makers, hire 18 people, help to rebuild the local food system and strengthen food security. 2020 has shown us how fragile that food system is.

Our creamery includes a home delivery service and farm store where we offer many local and organic whole foods. Ice cream is our latest addition and it has proven to be a remedy for 2020.

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