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**Please note that we have had a great increase in demand for home delivery. As such, it make take a week or two for us to get you assigned and on a route, so please bear with us. Please save questions you may have for after you have received our "Welcome" email that will outline which route you have been assigned to, details about delivery, and your cut-off time for ordering. 

Thank you all for your cooperation and support during this difficult time. 

Stay healthy and safe!

New Offer from Patchwork Gardens!

     Limestone Creamery and Patchwork Gardens have teamed up to make buying local organic vegetables a convenient and affordable routine for your household.
     Other Patchwork veggies are also available on the Limestone Creamery website under the new Patchwork Gardens section on the menu. 


Message in a (Limestone Organic Creamery Milk) Bottle

A really nice story from one of our home delivery customers.


Hi all


Every year we take a sailing trip around the lake, and for about 20 years I have thrown a message in a bottle overboard in the middle of a lake crossing. Now we do it with our kids. We usually use a wine bottle. Never once have I ever had a letter back from this. This year we had a LOC bottle from our last yummy bottle of milk and decided to use that. (OK we owe you a deposit!) We tossed it over about halfway between a bay on the the south shore, Sodus Bay, and Cape Vincent, and put a note with our names and address in it. About 10 days later a letter arrived in the mail from an 8 yo girl who lives in Manlius NY. She had found it on Southwick Beach 2 days after we tossed it in. She and our 7 yo daughter are now writing letters back and forth. We actually have video of us tossing the bottle in the water and wondering who might find it. She sent pics of herself with the bottle.


So, if you weren't sure enough that your product is fantastic, take this as proof that even the bottles are top of the line!


Many thanks as always.

Gift certificates now available!

A Great Gift Idea for friends and neighbours - now available for purchase online and redeemable in the store.




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