Working With the Soil and the Seasons

We are Francis and Kathie Groenewegen and have been dairy farmers all of our lives. Twenty-three years ago we decided to transition to organic agriculture for a healthier, more meaningful way of life. Our two children Patrick and Olivia are working with us to process pasteurized, organic dairy products in our creamery. Our milk is fresh!  It will have traveled less than 1 food mile.

       Our milk is GRASS FED and SOY FREE




We offer many local and organic whole foods all of which are available in our farm store and through our home delivery service.


We are processing milk right here on our farm - something Francis has been looking forward to since he began farming full time 45 years ago! Delivering milk will also be a thrill as his father Case delivered milk in Holland in the thirties with horse and wagon. When Case would talk too long at a stop, his horse "Henny" would move on to the next house. After the last delivery, Case could nap because "Henny" knew the route and would take him right home.


We would like to thank you because when you support local farmers, and eat organically in particular, you are doing many great things for our environment, from fewer chemicals in the water table to fewer food miles traveled and fossil fuels used. You are helping to encourage a new generation of farmers, to rebuild the local food system, and strengthen economic stability; all of which leads to the security of our food.

"Eating is an agricultural act." ~ Wendell Berry

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